Welcome to PleXus Communications

PleXus Communications is a privately held corporation dedicated to the advancement of continuing medical education. Based in Mt. Laurel, NJ, PleXus Communications is led by an experienced and skilled management team with deep backgrounds in the oncology community.

Our primary focus is in oncology/hematology. Through our relationships with oncology/hematology departments within hospitals, we have secured a unique enterprise that ensures that our educational activities are directly related to the scope of practice of the learners. As a result of our growing network of hospitals and our very targeted approach to placement of all our educational activities, we are able to reach a higher percentage of the oncology/hematology community. Our targeted approach is rewarded with an unprecedented high participation rate of oncology/hematology healthcare providers.

PleXus has been a premier source of continuing medical education for hematology/oncology professionals through various mediums (ie symposia, live hospital-based activities, manuscripts, online activities, etc.) since 2007.

Our Mission Statement

PleXus Communications is dedicated to developing activities specifically for allied healthcare professionals that make up the oncology/hematology care team. Our focus is on helping medical oncologists, advanced practice providers, nurses, pharmacists and other members of the provider team in a community setting to advance their understanding of the latest treatment options. This is accomplished through alignment with adherence to continuing education best practices and national accreditation regulations with the expected result of improvement in the healthcare team’s skills, strategies and/or performance.

About Plexus Communications

What's in a name? Well consider for a moment the origin of Plexus and you begin to appreciate the substance of who we are:

plex·us [plek-suh s] noun, plural -us·es, -us.
  1. Network in body: a network of nerves, blood vessels or other vessels in the body
  2. Any complex structure containing an intricate network of parts or interwoven structure: the plexus of medical education.

At Plexus, we understand how to bring people together and appreciate the strength that a network can provide in accomplishing goals. In today's environment, successful medical communications requires more critical thinking in order to reach the right healthcare professional with the right message. Our expertise is in identifying and evaluating needs of differing entities (hospitals, associations, medical societies and commercial supporters) and bridging gaps by building collaborative networks. We then manage communication by applying proven adult learning models to translate evidence-based medicine into clinical practice.

Our Experience

At PleXus Communications, we are dedicated to systematically assessing and measuring both the anticipated and real effects of our educational programming, designed to improve healthcare provider knowledge, competency, and performance with the ultimate goal of achieving better patient outcomes.

We have extensive experience in educating oncologists/hematologists, pathologists, nurses, and pharmacists, delivering programs to over 30.000 certificate issued learners. PleXus has accomplished this by developing the Topics in Oncology/Hematology Expert Clinical Exchange Forums (live hospital based oncology/hematology rounds) and conducting satellite symposia at the Society of Urologic Oncology (SUO), American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) American Society for Radiation Oncology, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and several other national conferences.

We have developed an extensive network of hospitals around the country that rely on PleXus for continuing oncology/hematology education for their medical staff. Additionally, we have published supplements in a variety of oncology/hematology journals including Community Oncology, Supportive Care Oncology, Oncology Pharmacist, Formulary, and US Pharmacist. We have also developed enduring activities hosted by Medscape, Epocrates Mobile CME, Peer Audience, as well as the PleXus Communication home site.

Examples of oncology/hematology education formats developed and implemented by PleXus Communications include: Virtual Clinical Sessions (live/archived audio web applications), satellite symposia, Regional Clinical Sessions, oncology/hematology specific lecture series hosted at hospitals, clinics, large oncology practices, associations (ONS/ASCO chapters), medical societies etc.

Our experience is centered in the integrity that comes with the total and absolute commitment that we make to all the stakeholders in the continuing education process: patient, healthcare professional, accreditor, and commercial supporter. With each step of the development, implementation, and reconciliation process we are guided by unyielding principals of accountability.

PleXus Partner Network

PleXus is dedicated to developing activities specifically for allied healthcare professionals that make up the oncology/hematology care team. Our focus is on helping medical oncologists in a community setting to advance in their understanding of the latest treatment options to help them improve patient outcomes.

PleXus partners with hem/onc departments within hospitals to assist in scheduling accredited oncology/hematology educational activities delivered via department rounds, tumor boards, journal clubs, yearly plenary sessions, and regional meetings hosted by partnering hospitals. This established partner network is designed to help institutions update their oncology/hematology staff so that they can make informed treatment decisions for their patients. All programs are conducted in collaboration with participating hospitals, with recruitment and setup initiated by each of the hospitals. We work directly with hematology/oncology departments to ensure activities are being directed to the appropriate audience.

Importantly, we'll guarantee that all meetings are in compliance with the regulatory guidelines, including measuring educational outcomes of the activities through pre-activity and post-activity evaluations.

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